Double-Hung Replacement Sash Kits
The Double-Hung Replacement Sash Kit consists of (2) sashes, (2) compression jamb liners, (1) sill dam and (1) head parting stop.

The kits are designed to replace an older sash with a new energy-efficient sash without removing the trim and the window frame.

The replacement sash will fit a double-hung balance pocket of 3-1⁄4" or larger. Sash kits are also available in a picture window design. The sash depth is 1-17⁄32".
Ordering Requirements

When ordering, please provide the Sash Opening Height (SOH), Sash Opening Width (SOW), and the Sill Angle. (If screens are required, a screen size for each opening is required.) Detailed instructions to measure these dimensions are available from your local dealer or in PDF format below: 

 : :  Measuring Guidelines for Double-Hung Replacement Sash Kit
 : :  Measuring Guidelines for Double-Hung Picture Replacement Sash Kit 



(Overall frame opening dimension):
Maximum square footage is 32 sq. ft. using single strength or double strength insulated glass.
  Maximum height is 10'-0"
  Maximum width is 5'-0"
5⁄32" glass: Maximum square footage is 26 sq. ft.
Deco 100, 150 and 3⁄16" glass: Maximum square footage is 21 sq. ft.
Deco 250, 300, 400, 550, 600, 700 and 1⁄4" glass: Maximum square footage is 17 sq. ft.
Sash Size Formulas based on SOH and SOW: 
Top Sash
  Height = (SOH / 2) + 0.156
  Width = SOW - 2.438
Bottom Sash
  Height = (SOH / 2) + 0.888
  Width = SOW - 2.438
Glass Dimensions

Top and bottom sash are the same:
  Height = (SOH / 2) - 2.094
  Width = SOW - 4.688
Daylight Opening
Top and bottom sash are the same:
  Height = (SOH / 2) - 3.094
  Width = SOW - 5.688
Picture units consist of (1) sash and (1) sill dam. Sill angle is required for picture units as well.
Picture Sash
  Height = SOH - 0.625
  Width = SOW - 0.250
Picture Glass
 Height = SOH - 3.500
  Width = SOW - 2.500

Weather Strip, Jamb Liner & Balance System 
The replacement sash kit utilizes a foam weather strip on the bottom of the lower sash that forms a weather-tight seal against the sill dam when closed. Hollow bulb weather-stripping forms a compression seal at the check rails and at the head.

Each sash kit utilizes a two-piece foam-backed jamb liner and a block and tackle balance system. The sashes tilt inward for easy cleaning. Beige or white jamb liners are available and are cut to the sash angle specified at time of order

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