VeriLock® Sensors: Security and Beauty. Together at Last.

Andersen has teamed up with Honeywell, a leading residential security system provider, to create a revolutionary product in home security: VeriLock® integrated security sensors. When paired with a Honeywell® security system, these innovative sensors can detect whether windows and doors are locked or unlocked* - a feature no other sensors can provide. With VeriLock sensors, all it takes is a quick glance at the security system keypad* to know if your home is secured, day or night.

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Peace of Mind at a Glance
VeriLock integrated security sensors are a cutting-edge technology that integrates wireless security sensors into most E-Series/Eagle® windows and doors. With these exclusive sensors, you'll always know if your windows or doors are open, closed, locked or unlocked.* This first-of-its-kind technology provides homeowners with a new level of convenience, beauty and peace-of-mind. 

With VeriLock sensors, you can check your windows and doors from your Honeywell security system.* You can even check them on the go from your smartphone or tablet with optional Honeywell® Total ConnectTM remote services. 

No Visible Wires or Sensors
VeriLock sensors are built directly into the design of E-Series/Eagle windows and doors, eliminating the need for unsightly wires or visible sensors. With VeriLock sensors, there's nothing to detract from the beauty of your new E-Series/Eagle windows and doors. 

Preserve Your Warranty
The installation of wires and sensors can actually void most window and door warranties. VeriLock sensors are built into windows and doors at the factory, so the limited warranty** remains intact.

Maximize Energy Efficiency
Air escapes through windows and doors that are left opened or even just unlocked.  With VeriLock sensors, you can easily verify that your windows and doors are locked and providing maximum energy efficiency.

Keeps Maintenance to a Minimum
VeriLock sensors are powered by commonly available lithium coin cell batteries and are designed to provide years of battery life.*** Battery replacement is simple and can be done wither as a DIY project or by a Honeywell security system dealer.  

The Protection of Honeywell
A trusted name in home security, more homes in the United States and Canada are protected with Honeywell security systems than any other manufacturer.

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VeriLock Sensors Limited Warranty

*When properly configured and maintained with a professionally installed Honeywell® security system.
**See the VeriLock limited warranty for more details. 
***Battery life refers to new, brand-name batteries and is dependent on frequency of use. The limited warranty for VeriLock integrated security sensors does not include batteries.

"Honeywell" and "Total Connect" are trademarks of Honeywell International, Inc.